Endless Sky Books charges an hourly rate of $65 CDN (currently just under $50 US) for all publishing services. This includes editing, layout, metadata entry, working with printers, and all the other tasks associated with publishing for which authors may need assistance. We’ll help in any way we can: just ask!

If there are additional costs, such as hiring a cover designer or obtaining stock images, that cost will be billed to the author.

No fees will be incurred without the author’s advance approval, and a careful accounting of hours spent on the project will be maintained and provided along with billing.

Endless Sky Books will provide an estimated quote for all work in advance. If authors prefer, they may negotiate a flat fee based on that estimate.

A down payment based on the quote will be required before any work is undertaken.

To request a quote, email publisher@endless-sky-books.com.

Books released under the Endless Sky imprint

Authors seeking self-publishing assistance are welcome to inquire about having their book released under the Endless Sky Books imprint, which provides additional benefits. Read more about this imprint here.