The Endless Sky Imprint

If you decide to self-publish with the assistance of Endless Sky Books, you are also welcome to submit your project for possible release under the Endless Sky Books imprint.

To do so, please send a detailed query letter that includes a description of the book, any writing/publishing credits you might have (if any), ways in which you think you might be able to help promote the book, and any other information you think might be pertinent, along with a complete synopsis and three sample chapters.

Email submissions to Please include QUERY in the subject line.

We promise to respond as quickly as possible. If we do not select your book for the Endless Sky imprint, we will still be happy to help you self-publish it, offering whatever assistance you may be looking for.

If your book is selected for the Endless Sky Books imprint

If your book is accepted for release under this highly selective imprint, the book will be made available through multiple online sources in ebook, print, and potentially audiobook formats under the Endless Sky Books name and using Endless Sky-obtained ISBNs. Selected Endless Sky Books are further distributed as an imprint of Shadowpaw Press through LitDistCo.

In addition, the books will also be sold through and promoted on the Endless Sky website and through the SaskBooks website, at occasional in-person events such as conventions and trade shows, and will be included in various other online and offline marketing efforts as they become available. Authors will also receive publicity through Creative Edge Publicity Services. A management fee of 25 percent of net proceeds will apply, but no other additional costs. The fee can be deducted from sales or billed to the author separately as preferred. If there are no sales, there are no fees.

While the contract for books published under the Endless Sky imprint will necessarily grant Endless Sky publishing rights, the contract can be terminated at any time, at which point all rights revert to the author. Sub-rights (for audiobooks, film adaptations, etc.) remain with the author unless he or she chooses to have Endless Sky manage them, in which case a management fee of 10 percent of net proceeds from licensing of those rights applies.

Authors under the Endless Sky imprint will receive ten free copies of their book upon publication and can order additional books at 50% of the retail price.

Entry fees for award competitions are borne by the author, but Endless Sky Books will provide any copies required free of charge. The exception is for the Saskatchewan Book Awards: Endless Sky Books will enter any Saskatchewan-authored books, or books it thinks might be appropriate to enter in the publisher categories, in the Saskatchewan Book Awards at its expense.

Paid marketing remains at the discretion and expense of the author, but Endless Sky will assist in any way it can, and will support other author-led marketing efforts as possible.


Copyright remains with the author and a copyright notice to that effect will appear in all books and licensed materials related to the book.

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