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Debbie Quigley | T.D. Zummack

Debbie Quigley

Debbie Quigley

Debbie Quigley, author of Wounded Hearts Take A Chance, was born in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She is also the author of the poetry collection Wind Whispers. A retired healthcare worker, she lives in a small hamlet surrounded by nature and wildlife. She loves to garden. Debbie’s “whisper-art” poetry is simple and real, telling a story. She has contributed to Spiritual Writers Network publications, and her poetry can also be found on Author’s Den.

T.D. Zummack

T. D. Zummack

The Brand of Brotherhood is the second novel for T.D. Zummack, who is also the author of the thriller Amazing Grace. He is a member of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild and spent his adolescence reading authors such as Agatha Christie and Louis L’ Amour and his adulthood reading true crime. You can find any and all author-related information at his website, tdzummack.com, as well as short stories he’s written on the platform page vocal.media/authors/t-d-zummack. He is a true crime and mystery nerd and when not writing can be found lounging around his house with his family and their pets